United States of America: June 28 – July 4, 2013

  • Dana Point & Disneyland & Big Bear & Los Angeles & Orange County
  • Deep-fried jalapeno slices – why do these not exist in Australia?
  • Why are the cars so goddamn big here!
  • Burgers. Just burgers.
  • Club 33
  • Seeing warning signs at retail shops and restaurants warning about possible cancer side-effects – some kind of weird Californian legislation. ‘Murica
  • Wow. Much happy. Such friendly. Many positive. Unless they’re driving. Then they’re very angry.
  • “You ain’t even cute.” Ouch.
  • America’s fast food outlets… There is so much more than just McDonald’s…
  • So much food for so cheap.
  • Don’t take a taxi – use ‘Lyft’ instead (it’s an app). Cheaper, and you meet interesting people.
  • People don’t seem to notice our Australian accents. Probably too much American TV.
  • There was a sale on bullets at Walmart on the day… they sold out.
  • Drive-thru banks. Drive-thru alcohol. Drive-thru guns. Drive-thru everything.

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