United States of America: July 4 – 9, 2013

  • San Francisco
  • The contrast of wealth between neighbourhoods is shockingly apparent
  • July 4 fireworks at Fisherman’s Wharf – and the struggle to find food
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
  • July 4 traffic jams and no taxis, Lyfts, or public transport
  • Battling the hills of San Francisco’s streets at 2am after Independence Day fireworks and realising how unfit you are
  • Catering to your friends’ obsession with clam chowder
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • It’s surprising chilly – bring a jacket!
  • 4 storey UNIQLOs with glass elevators
  • When you understand San Francisco’s public transport system better than your own home city’s public transport system
  • Mission District, SF = Fitzroy, Melbourne
  • Queueing up for Tartine Bakery – worth it.
  • San Francisco feels like Melbourne
  • Bed-bug city – those were not mosquitos.
  • Washing every item of clothing and disinfecting suitcases because you just feel like there are bed bugs crawling all over you
  • Running out of coins for the laundry and having to flirt with alcohol store clerks for coins
  • Why is alcohol so cheap!
  • Marina District & Presidio are pretty – you’ll probably need a car, or a bike
  • Typical tourist shot: riding cable cars in San Francisco

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