United States of America: July 9 – 13, 2013

  • Chicago
  • The city’s architecture – Chicago is kind of beautiful for one of the most dangerous cities in America
  • The L Train / ‘The Loop’
  • Going to the Art gallery alone because 1) your friends aren’t into art, and 2) you just need a break from those crazy Viets
  • Getting free shots at a random bar in the suburbs because ‘free round for everyone in the bar’ actually exists
  • The Taste of Chicago – food festival yum
  • Peak hour – seeing a ghetto police officer in the middle of an intersection directing traffic was a highlight of Chicago
  • Satisfying Kim’s obsession with My Best Friend’s Wedding by going to Union Station
  • The train stops around the city are elevated above the ground
  • Millennium Park
  • Navy Pier
  • Planning our days to make sure we get home before the sun sets because of Chicago’s reputation
  • Healthy dinners at home = bowel movements more regular than Martin is used to
  • Playing Monopoly Deal every night because there is nothing else to do

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