United States of America: July 15 – 17, 2013

  • Cambridge (Massachusetts) & Boston
  • If you see Martin, ask him to say ‘Massachusetts’ – it’s funny. Also – ‘Van Ness’. You’re welcome.
  • Spending the entire trip at Harvard because of Martin
  • Skipping the Harvard tour and instead spending a solid 2 hours walking to various hospitals and clinics trying to find someone willing to see me to diagnose a pus-filled bubble on my hand
  • Discovering how confusing the American health care system is
  • Froyooooo
  • Buying stuff from the Harvard book shop – we don’t even go here.
  • Deciding to train into Boston, and leaving after 2 hours because we had no idea what to do, what to see, or where to go. Proceeding to blame Martin for this because it was ‘Martin’s day’ and ‘he should have planned it’. Sorry Marty hehe
  • Pinocchio’s Pizza
  • Chocolate Fondue yaaaaas

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