United States of America: July 17 – 25, 2013

  • New York City
  • Rockefeller Plaza, Central Park, The MET, Times Square, SoHo, 9/11 memorial, Empire State Building
  • #2 pizza in NYC – Grimaldi’s Pizza
  • Hot and humid – how do people wear suits?!
  • Shouting at Martin for not rowing the boat properly at Central Park Lake
  • Your friends offer to go to an art gallery with you, and you have two choices: The MET or MoMa. You ask whether they like modern or traditional art, and they say traditional, so you go to The MET. Then when you’re there they only like the contemporary art sections. #smh
  • Staring at someone that looked like Alec Baldwin near 30 Rock… and being caught staring (I AM LIZ LEMON)
  • Shopping shopping shopping
  • Hello Abercrombie & Fitch models
  • Legends of Summer Tour / Jay Z & Justin Timberlake
  • People get so much more into concerts in the US compared to Australia
  • Seeing an obese woman wearing only a bra, short shorts, and fishnet stalkings in Times Square… Now that is confidence.
  • Discovering your new favourite dog breed: the Akita, and getting weird looks from the puppy’s owner when you make excited squealing noises while playing with it
  • NYC Subway – there is nothing quite like it.
  • Listening to ‘Empire State of Mind’ during landing and takeoff

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