Australia: April 25 – 26, 2014

  • Lakes Entrance & Lake Tyers
  • Forgetting that the supermarkets open later on public holidays and spending hours walking around until they did
  • Our amazement at those automatic self-cleaning toilets
  • First camping meal: KFC
  • Trying to find a fishing spot, ignoring chained gates and driving on to private property because Zach has a death wish to get shot by a farmer
  • Building a fire > fishing
  • The boys and their bonfire obsession
  • Watching the sun set with some music and a bonfire
  • Driving through the bush with no lights in the dark because Zach has a death wish to crash into a tree
  • Night-time beach walks where I am the only one scared
  • Jacob trying to explain some weird physics theory… still don’t get it (please don’t try to explain again)
  • Zach going for a swim in the sea in the morning because, you know, it’s almost Winter and it’s refreshing (Zach = Bear Grylls)
  • Grandpa Mike complaining about how uncomfortable camping is
  • A lot of the lovely photos are from the boys – thanks Jacob, Mike & Zach! :)

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