United States of America: June 22 – August 16, 2014

This is just a wrap-up of all the things I have learnt during my 8 week stay interning and living in LA. This is purely for my benefit, for the things I want to remember – and all the kindred spirits I never want to forget (you know who you are).

  • Apparently my accent is a real language barrier in America
  • Things people don’t understand when I speak: ‘ceebs/cbf/cbb/can’t be bothered’, ‘munt’, ‘boot’, ‘trolley’
  • When people imitate me – for some reason, they put on a British accent
  • Public transport in LA is a (first world) struggle, but I would never want to drive here
  • So much money spent on Ubers and Lyfts
  • My roommates being afraid of me in the mornings because I am not a morning person
  • Going in to work on the first day and realising that ‘Business Casual’ actually just really means ‘Casual without looking like a bum’
  • Celebrating a 27th and a 21st birthday
  • College bars with cheap beer – yes.
  • Nightlife tip from LA locals: weekdays > weekends
  • Everybody knows somebody
  • Most of the people that live here, aren’t actually from LA
  • The weather is always beautiful (except that one time at the Beyonce/Jay Z concert)
  • You see celebrities so often that it is no longer a big deal
  • Dogs in the office everyday = the best place to work
  • People wearing red, white and blue on July 4 is a real thing – GOD BLESS AMERICA
  • ‘bae’ = ‘before anyone else’
  • People really do say ‘ratchet’ here – I love it
  • Giving up 1/3 of the way up on the Hollywood Hike sign because it would take 3 hours to get there
  • Got a med card? You can get it delivered. What time is it? 420
  • Walking around Venice Beach and seeing a bunch of people on a balcony, getting invited up thinking it’s a rooftop bar, but really it’s the balcony for a shop for customised shoes
  • If you go grocery shopping at Ralph’s, get a Ralph’s card because that shit is cheap
  • Surfing at Huntington Beach and coming home exhausted, bruised, and battered
  • Sprinkles cupcake icecream is the shit
  • You can pretty much get into any bar/club you want if you are a girl (unless it’s a gay bar…)
  • Seeing men walk around West Hollywood at night in stilettos of ridiculous heights like they’re a comfy pair of sneakers
  • 24 hours in Vegas = getting day drunk at the Flamingo pool party in Vegas –> getting a free table and vodka at Hakkasan
  • Not a morning person and scaring my roommates every morning to the point where no one wants to wake you up and avoids you in the mornings (love you guys)
  • The Abbey in West Hollywood (aka WeHo) is ridiculous
  • Katsuya = eatin’ some expensive Japanese food, drinkin’ some cocktails, and seein’ Ludacris
  • First ever baseball game: Angels V Tigers – I guess the Angels are my team now
  • Also, I love baseball
  • Greg explaining to me all the rules about baseball in an obnoxiously loud voice and annoying everyone sitting around us – that’s what you get for buying $9 tickets
  • Scaring the shit out of KP unintentionally and being called a “sneaky little asian mouse”
  • Spending an hour decorating the apartment with sticky notes for Rachel’s 21st
  • Cuddles with Catt
  • So much shopping…
  • My daily routine – 6:45 wake up, 7:55 leave, 8:00 catch the bus, 8:30 order breakfast, 9:00 work, 14/15:00 lunch, 18:00 leave work and wait forever for a bus to come, 19:15 get home
  • Going to the same place for breakfast and lunch across the street from work because you develop a sense of loyalty to the lovely Asian lady who gives you special treatment (also, the building always has cute tatted-up sk8er bois going in and out all the time)
  • Everyone in LA is so fabulous and beautiful
  • LA has the most varied and interesting people I have ever met
  • You know your work is fabulous when your entire work day involves celebrities and luxury clients, and there are bouquets of flowers worth several hundred $$ being delivered to the beautiful ladies that you work with at least once a week, but sometimes more
  • Marathons of Gossip Girl/Friends/The Office at home, on a laptop because we don’t have a TV
  • Americans have a drinking problem – I literally cannot keep up
  • Bartenders are not stingy with the drinks – so strong and so cheap
  • $50 cartons of cigarettes – what is life
  • Attending a Chelsea Lately live taping and getting VIP treatment and a tour
  • Definitely check out Universal City Walk if you have time
  • Tattoos because YOLO
  • Taking 4 weeks to get used to LA and missing Australia the entire time, and then never wanting to leave when you have to
  • Barney’s Beanery’s Margherita Calzone (!!!!)
  • Beginning my beer-drinking in America with BudLight. LOL
  • O’Haras in Westwood ($4 pitchers on Tuesdays)
  • Crying when you have to say goodbye
  • Realising that you will probably not see these people you have spent almost everyday with for the last 8 weeks for a very long time :( I will miss you LA family

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