EAT: Katsuya, Los Angeles

$$ – $$$

Please excuse the terrible photo quality – I didn’t bring my camera, so my iPhone had to do.


Atmosphere 8.5/10
We went to the Hollywood Katsuya on a Friday at 9pm, and it was dark, ambient, with candles and mirrors as decor – there were also some very cool art pieces on the walls. The music is loud, and the people are even louder. The lack of lighting also makes it a place where you’re likely to see celebrities, which, let’s be honest, is kind of half the reason you go to L.A. (we saw Ludacris). Everyone is dressed up (but that might just have been the Friday night crowd) – you’ll definitely feel like an L.A. native.

Cleanliness 10/10
Definitely very clean.

Service 9/10
Service was great – the waiter was extremely friendly and helped each of us choose drinks! We were not aware that we could not split bills, but the staff did it for us anyway, and just reminded us to remember that for next time. Also, you’ll need to make a reservation beforehand, and there is a 20% gratuity added for parties of 6 or more people. 

Food 8.5/10
The food was delicious. I ordered a cucumber cocktail, a crab and mozzarella tempura appetizer, and a spider roll. I have never had a crab and mozzarella tempura, but it is definitely one of the most memorable foods I have had during my stay in L.A. thus far. 


Spider Roll & Crab and Mozzarella Tempura

Value 7.5/10
The meal is definitely not the cheapest, but it won’t break your bank. It’s about $10-20 for a normal sized dish, depending on what you order – I was perfectly satisfied after my crab and mozarella tempura ($12) and spider roll ($15). However, you should keep in mind that cocktails are a tad expensive – making my total bill approximately $55 including tips. But this is definitely a nice place to go if you want something a little bit more fancy!


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