United States of America: August 17 – 19, 2014

  • Los Angeles & Las Vegas
  • Going to the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the 3rd time
  • Trying In N Out for the first time (not a fan, personally – but that might be because I don’t eat meat)
  • License plate game = making a list of all the state number plates you see, and the aim is to get all 50 states
  • Our first time in a long van ride = boredom = colouring books
  • The second time I’ve been to Vegas in 2 months and I can honestly say that I won’t be sad if I never go again – but you should go at least once in your life
  • If you’re looking for a cheaper option, stay on Freemont Street, instead of the Strip – there’s the Deuce bus ($8 for a 24 hour pass) that goes to the Strip very often (we stayed at the Golden Nugget)
  • THE HEAT (Walk through casinos to avoid the heat)
  • The only place where you can smoke inside… so strange.
  • The land of slot machines
  • Taking a party bus along the Strip with a bunch of rowdy kids from the UK
  • Go to Ghost Bar – a mix of dance, trance, hip/hop – and amazing views (you can usually get free entry for girls before 11pm)
  • And going home in style in a limo because it’s basically the same price and you’re too drunk to wait for a taxi
  • If you want to learn how to gamble, you can usually find tables with lessons around 10/11AM

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