United States of America: August 25 – September 7, 2014

  • Santa Fe & Roswell & Carlsbad Caverns & San Antonio & Austin & Beaumont & Lafayette & New Orleans & Birmingham & Nashville & Washington DC & Philadelphia & New York City
  • Lost the photos for most of these cities unfortunately :(
  • Making tin-foil hats on the way to Roswell and wearing them around town/in the UFO Museum to protect ourselves from aliens
  • Walking into Carlsbad Caverns reminds me of The Descent – which is not a good thing
  • Pouring rain, thunder, and lightning in the desert…
  • Setting up camp in the rain –> being too lazy to cook –> CHINESE BUFFET
  • The riverwalk in San Antonio
  • Tubing down the Guadalupe River
    • Seeing birds and turtles
    • Laughing hysterically at Sam and Jazz freaking out about seeing snakes in the water
  • Austin’s 6th Street has cool bars and live music
    • East 6th Street = The Dirty 6th (more dive bars, according to my Lyft Driver)
    • East 6th Street past the highway = more upmarket establishments (according to my Lyft Driver)
    • West 6th Street = good bar scene (according to my Lyft Driver)
  • ‘The Drag’ in Austin – the University’s shopping district – cool, cheap clothes
  • South Congress Street in Austin = vintage/thrift shops, cafes, food trucks
  • Having a delicious Israeli dinner cooked by Ofek and Sapir during an overnight in Lafayette, Louisiana
  • LSU/purple and yellow shirts everywhere at a Mall – GAME DAY
  • The beautiful New Orleans vibe and architecture
    • Southern Decadence Festival
    • “Beads for Boobs!”
    • Bachelor parties everywhere
    • Jazz music everywhere
  • Frenchmen Street, New Orleans – a more chilled Bourbon Street, and a good place for live music
  • Jackson Square – artists during the day and tarot card readings at night
  • Haunted walking tour – New Orleans has a pretty crazy past (and not in a good way)
  • Swamp tour
  • Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Jack Daniel’s Distillery and getting a whiff of 140 proof alcohol
  • Line-dancing in Wildhorse Saloon – why am I not a cow girl?
  • Window shopping for cowboy boots (those things are expensive as hell)
  • Learning to make friendship bracelets in the van
  • Washington DC
    • Holocaust Museum – wow
    • Going to the Native American Museum for Indian Tacos
    • Spending 3 hours wandering around monuments in the ridiculous heat with Steph to get her National Parks Junior Ranger badge
    • Washington DC Nationals V Philadelphia Phillies, and leaving early to avoid traffic assuming the Nationals would win and everybody freaking out on the train about the Phillies catching up and taking the lead
  • The Rocky Steps in Philadelphia
  • Seeing my parents after 3 months apart!!
  • The High Line Park in NYC (a bit overrated and crowded)
  • Attending the Falguni & Shane Peacock show at New York Fashion Week
  • Broadway: PippinThe Lion King
  • Seeing my East Coast love, Kitty Catt

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