Mexico: September 13 – 14, 2014

  • Playa del Carmen & Tulum & Akumal
  • Currency: Mexican peso
  • Arriving too early for check-in and wandering around Playa del Carmen
  • Going out for lunch and being unsure of what the tipping rate is, and tipping 27% because 20% of the bill was barely anything (the standard is 10%)
  • The beginning of my love affair with ceviche
  • Visiting the coastal ruins of the Mayans in Tulum
  • Akumal – a beautiful beach
  • Going to a cenote (a fresh water spring where you can cliff jump and snorkel)
    • a 5-man jump filmed on video
  • Language:
    hola: hello
    ¡adiós: goodbye
    si: yes
    no: no
    agua: water
    poco: a little
    mucho: a lot
    pequeño: small
    medio: medium
    grande: large
    yo no hablo español: i do not speak spanish

One thought on “Mexico: September 13 – 14, 2014

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