Belize: September 15 – 17, 2014

  • Caye Caulker
  • Currency: Belize dollars (By law, it remains at a fixed rate of $2BZ to $1USD – USD is accepted everywhere)
  • From Playa del Carmen to Caye Caulker
    • Leaving at 5:45AM on a 5 hour coach bus ride with air-conditioning and a bathroom
    • Seeing taxi drivers fighting each other for customers at the bus depot and deciding to walk a couple blocks instead
    • Taking a real Mexican public bus for 5 hours to the border
    • A 1 hour boat ride to Caye Caulker
  • Belize is a Commonwealth country where English is spoken
  • Full day snorkelling on a boat called ‘Ragga Prince’ with Captain Vito and Captain Shane
  • Seeing reef sharks, turtles, fish, coral, and stingrays
  • Where ‘Watch Out For This’ and ‘Here Comes Trouble’ became the anthem of Central America
  • Captain Shane rapping and singing along to every song and making ceviche for us
  • Jumping into the water to snorkel and Captain Shane telling Jono and Lillian “she swims like my future wife”
  • Central America – the land of Rum
  • The night where we began our karaoke obsession
  • Hitting the most popular bar/club in town – I&I – where you will see some quality butt-grinding on poles
  • Renting a golf cart and having adventures where we get lost, are nearly attacked by a rabid dog
  • “Go slow” – “We have 2 cemeteries but no hospital”
  • There are no cars in Caye Caulker, only golf-carts
  • Daytona jumping off the pier into sinking sand and screaming for help, and me not helping him, thinking he’s just being a pu$$y and not wanting to get his shirt wet – and then Ephraim “the hand of God” reaches down and saves him
  • Daytona falling in love with the boy at the bookshop
  • Fishing at 11PM on the pier and losing hooks and lines, with Ephraim considering getting his snorkelling gear to find it
  • Ephraim catching a squid with his hands and then having no idea what to do with it until it eventually stung him so hard he dropped it back in the sea
  • One of my favourite places from the entire trip #caribbeanislandgal

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