TIPS: TourRadar – An Online Travel Agent for Tours

TourRadar is an online travel agency where you can compare and book tours. I’ve used it for 3 different tours and they’ve all worked out great!

Why use it?
1. They have a ‘best price guarantee’, where if you book with TourRadar and find a better price within 24 hours of booking, TourRadar will pay you the difference – this is honestly the best part about using TourRadar
2. You can compare tours across different tour operators and filter according to destination, duration, price, travel style, age, and tour focus (nature/culture/etc)
3. When you join using this link, you get €50 to spend on your first tour
4. You can put a booking on hold for you for 48 hours without any deposit or credit card details
5. There are reviews and ratings
6. There is a ‘Meet Others’ section, if you want to get to know the other travellers before you start your big trip (eg. to plan extra activities on the way)
7. If you have any questions about anything – the tour agents always reply in a timely manner


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