Guatemala: September 23 – 28, 2014

  • Antigua
  • Currency: Guatemalan quetzal (USD is widely accepted, but you will get change back in local currency, and often at a bad exchange rate)
  • Driving through Guatemala City and seeing the slums, grills on every window, and security guards with machine guns outside almost every shop (even dingy-looking car repair shops)
  • Antigua is a beautiful old town located near Pacaya volcano (which you can hike) with cobbled streets, old churches, and a real connection to traditional culture
  • Antigua was my favourite place
  • Live music is so easy to find in Antigua
  • Antigua is located in the mountains, so the climate is a nice cool and not so humid change
  • Celebrating Daytona’s birthday with a drinks, a lovely dinner, and a piñata!
  • Antigua markets – a must see!
    • It’s massive, so expect to get lost
    • There are two markets side-by-side:
      • Local market – fish, vegetables, meat, electronics, phone covers, cheap local phones, sunglasses, sewing needs, toys, clothes, souvenirs, basically everything you might need for a cheap price. On one side of the market is the bus bay, where you can go check out all the pimp-my-ride chicken buses, and a lot of local food stalls
      • Tourist market – the prices are for tourists, and they mostly sell traditional-style ponchos, backpacks, bracelets, etc.
  • If you’re looking for food, take a walk along 4 Calle – it’s like Antigua’s version of NYC’s Restaurant Row – otherwise just wander around and you can find little gems everywhere
  • Language:
    limonada: lemonade
    huevo: egg
    queso: cheese
    caliente: hot
    fria: cold
    ojo: eye
    café: coffee
    carta: letter
    libro: book
    uno: one
    dos: two
    tres: three
    cuatro: four
    cinco: five
    seis: six
    siete: seven
    ocho: eight
    nueve: nine
    diez: ten
    nuevo: new

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