Honduras & Nicaragua: October 1 – 5, 2014

  • Roatan Island & Leon
  • Currency: Honduran lempira (USD is widely accepted, but you will get change back in local currency, and often at a bad exchange rate)
  • Taking half a sea-sickness pill to be cautious and feeling like I’ve been hit by a tranquilliser
  • Stay on West End for cheaper accommodation, and take a water taxi to the pretty beaches at West Bay during the day ($3 one way)
  • Drinks at Sundowner bar in West End
  • Eating dinner at a local’s house and having a dance party in the backyard with everyone from the neighbourhood – learning how to move my butt like a Caribbean island girl
  • If you’re on Roatan Island on a Thursday – it’s karaoke night at The Blue Marlin
  • El Bosque in West End- the best club of the island (I also think it’s the only one…)
  • Beautiful beaches in West Bay to relax
  • Snorkelling and finding a starfish
  • The travel day from hell – leaving at 8AM and arriving at the next destination at 2AM the next day
  • Currency: Nicaraguan Cordoba (USD is widely accepted, but you will get change back in local currency, surprisingly, you get better exchange rates at supermarkets than banks)
  • Crossing the Nicaraguan border and having money-changers surrounding the van
  • Wandering around Leon until 12pm before leaving on another travel day
  • Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America – and you can tell
  • Language:
    hombre: man
    mujer: woman
    toro: cow
    pan: bread
    manzana: apple
    naranja: orange
    piña: pineapple
    el/ella: he/her
    es: is
    tu/usted: you
    leche: milk
    buenos días: good morning
    buenos noches: good night
    bueno: good
    discúlpe: excuse me/sorry

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