Nicaragua: October 5 – 7, 2014

  • Granada
  • Currency: Nicaraguan Cordoba (USD is widely accepted, but you will get change back in local currency, surprisingly, you get better exchange rates at supermarkets than banks)
  • Getting lost in Granada and having to ask for directions when we were in residential areas instead of the city
  • Seeing all the churches because we got lost
  • City views from a cathedral bell tower – and Ephraim ringing the bell and getting dirty looks from the cathedral attendant
  • There’s a $6US breakfast buffet at the chocolate museum
  • Walking from one end of the city to the other, ending up at Lake Nicaragua
  • Language:
    gracias: thank you
    de nada: it’s nothing/you are welcome
    por favor: please
    lo siento: i am sorry
    perdón: pardon
    hablar: speak
    Español: Spanish
    Inglés: English
    vino: wine
    arroz: rice
    fruta: fruit
    sopa: soup
    tomate: tomato
    fresco/fresca: fresh

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