Panama: October 17 – 21, 2014

  • Isla Colon (Bocas del Toro archipelago) & Beach Bluff (Isla Colon) & Boquete
  • Currency: The USD is an official currency in Panama, alongside the Panamanian Balboa – the USD is more common than the Balboa
  • Crossing the Costa Rican/Panama border across the Bridge of Death – a dilapidated bridge connecting the two countries
  • Bocas del Toro archipelago (Mouths of the Bull) is located in the province of Bocas del Toro, and are a set of Caribbean islands with crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches
  • Isla Colon is the most populated of the islands in the archipelago, and the capital of the province, with the most hotels, bars and restaurants
  • There are several bars within the entire archipelago, and “taxi” boat/canoes aka locals ferrying people between islands – if you choose to go from island to island after official taxi hours, practice caution
  • Exploring the island via island bicycles and struggling through gravel, stone, and sand roads to get to Playa Bluff
  • Beware the creepy old men that also frequent these bars
  • After Boquete, we left for Boquete, a small town in the highlands of Panama
  • Swimming through rapids in a river canyon and jumping into the river below (a local swimming spot not known by many tourists)
  • White water rafting, round 2
  • Having no amenities available during white water rafting – seeing someone wade far into the river and nodding to each other, knowing exactly what they are doing, because, no shame.
  • Language:
    salsa: sauce
    filete: fillet
    Quienes tu papi?: who is your daddy?
    mercado: market
    comida: food
    hielo: ice
    bailando: dancing
    Cuba Libre: rum and coke (literally translated ‘free Cuba’)

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