Panama: October 22 – 26, 2014

  • Santa Catalina & Los Coiba & Panama City
  • Currency: The USD is an official currency in Panama, alongside the Panamanian Balboa – the USD is more common than the Balboa
  • Snorkelling in Los Coiba National Park
    • seeing puffer fish, angel fish, reef sharks, and sting rays
    • choppy water = “when will this nightmare end?!”
    • having no breakfast, and the lunch provided is moldy/soggy bread with cheese, tomato, and mayonnaise
    • snorkelling by a beautiful deserted island
    • trying to snorkel in open water and realising in the strong currents that I am not a fantastic swimmer
  • Chilling by the beach all day and feeling like a bum, so deciding to look like a douchebag and run through Muay Thai exercises by the beach
  • Crossing across a small river channel with all our belongings on our back
  • Hearing loud clicking noises by the coconut trees, and upon further investigation, discovering that crabs really love coconuts
  • Our accommodation in Santa Catalina was a surf hotel, in a cute little hut inhabited by geckos, insects, and crabs
  • Watching baseball on the hotel TV and having the sports channel suddenly switch to boxing mid-program
  • Being surprised by how built-up Panama City is
  • Walking around Casco Antigua (old town) in Panama City
    • filled with pretty buildings and markets
  • Googling the nearest massage place and finding a dodgy looking building with a neon sign outside saying “massage pub beer”
  • Panama Canal – $10USD entry for students (show your ID) vs $15USD adult
    • Crazy busy with both locals and tourists
    • Watching a ship go through the canal
    • Taking a picture of the ship and the ship’s crew taking a picture of us
    • To take a ship through the Panama Canal is extremely expensive, but saves the companies approximately $1.5 million by cutting through instead of going all the way around South America
    • The canal is split into sections with locks and bridges to adjust water levels between each section
    • There is a 24 inch gap between both sides of the canal and the ship.
    • If you want to watch a ship go through the Canal, check the schedule beforehand
  • Eat at: Mercado de Mariscos – a big seafood market = cheap, great atmosphere, and the ceviche is delicious (!!!)

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