Thailand: July 4 – 5, 2015

  • Bangkok
  • Currency: Thai Baht
  • Taking public transport for $4AUD V a $30 taxi ride
  • Beginning our trip with 2 hour massages
  • Going to River Vibe rooftop restaurant/bar (review to come)
    • getting lost down dodgy looking alleyways and eventually asking a teenage boy to show us how to get there
  • Waking up at 7:30AM feeling super perky
  • The beginning of Kim’s bargaining adventures with Tuk Tuk drivers – from 100 baht to 60 baht
  • Wat Mahathat – a temple with a local market along the street selling religious items such as wooden carvings, necklaces, Buddha statues (most things priced for locals at 50 baht)
  • Buddha Day celebrations at the temple – free food and drink
  • The time we almost got scammed by someone who looked like a Disney villain out of a cartoon:
    • A middle-aged man with long fingernails and a moustache curled up at the ends
    • Seemed nice at first, giving us advice on local sights and drawing us a map on how to get to a local pier instead of the tourist pier, then offering to take us as it was “on his way home”
    • After 10 minutes of walking we asked if there was anything else to do, as we did not want to spend 2000 baht on a boat ride, only to have him say that he could get us a discount for 500 baht instead
    • After many “no thank you”s, having him completely change his demeanour and eyes darken to tell us “fuck you!” and glaring at us as we walked away
  • Having many other people offer us advice and help, and responding with a firm “no, thank you” afterwards out of fear it was another scam
  • Meeting the group for our orientation meeting and off for our first group dinner at a local Thai restaurant
    • The owner studied in Monash University and was friends with our tour guide thus we got special treatment (yaaas)
    • Rum & Coke – “buy 1 get 1 free” for 100 baht
    • the beginning of our attempt at finding me a husband in Asia

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