EAT: River Vibe, Bangkok, Thailand

River Vibe Website
$ – $$
A rooftop bar with a panoramic view of the river and Bangkok skyline away from the crowds

Bangkok skyline, Thailand
Atmosphere 10/10Bangkok streets, Thailand

River Vibe is a rooftop restaurant and bar that provides a 180 degree view of the river and Bangkok skyline. It’s a bit confusing to get to, located down alleyways and residential streets, and it doesn’t help that the Trip Advisor address is wrong (we ended up asking a local boy to take us there).

It’s spacious, bright and breezy (a nice change from the Bangkok heat). Decorated with wooden and recycled furniture, River Vibe, Bangkok, Thailandand a long lounge sofa creates a modern and relaxed atmosphere. There’s no music, so all you hear is the surrounding sounds from the city, giving a nice reprieve from the normal noise and hustle and bustle of the city during the day. The crowd is a mix of locals, ex-pats, and tourists.

The place itself is not well-known, so it doesn’t get too crowded and is a great place to have a chat over a few drinks. No food, only drinks are allowed on the roof-top, but the restaurant area is open-plan so you still get the breeze and view. They take reservations for large groups too!River Vibe, Bangkok, ThailandRiver Vibe, Bangkok, Thailand River Vibe, Bangkok, Thailand

Cleanliness 9/10
The place looks extremely clean, and is kept well.

River Vibe, Bangkok, Thailand

River Vibe, Bangkok, ThailandService 10/10
The staff is friendly, helpful with choosing food from the menu, and very attentive.

Food 7/10
The food ranges from average to good, but considering the price, it’s a good deal. I would say stick to local cuisine, instead of international – you are in Thailand after all!

The Pork Red Curry Pineapple (8/10) is not too sweet, tastes authentic and has a nice addition of River Vibe, Bangkok, Thailandbasil leaf, kafia lime, and pineapple to cut through the spice (this review is brought to you by Kim, my travel companion and foodie). The Prawn Red Curry (8/10) has a great flavour, although the prawns were not too meaty, and I ended up ordering another dish.

The rice was a bit dry, which might point to it being left out in the open for too long. We also ordered fries, which were just average fries that you can get anywhere in Asia.

We tried the Mojito (5/10) and Pina Colada (5/10) – which were standard, but a good deal cRiver Vibe, Bangkok, Thailandonsidering the price. I also tried the Banana Shake which was delicious and made using fresh banana instead of the artificial flavouring you often get.

River Vibe, Bangkok, Thailand River Vibe, Bangkok, Thailand

Value 8/10
The drinks average at about 180 Baht (approx. $5USD), and a dish averages at about 120 Baht (approx. $3.30USD). I would definitely recommend this place just for the prices and the great ambience and view of Bangkok you get.

River Vibe, Bangkok, Thailand River Vibe, Bangkok, Thailand River Vibe, Bangkok, Thailand


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