TIP: Travel Itinerary Template

One thing I’ve learnt from all my travels is to have an itinerary prepared before you leave. It’s good to have everything listed in one big travel master plan, with all your travelling agendas, things to do/sites to see, information you’ve read, places you are staying, all in one place. It’s helpful when you have a long trip planned, and have too many details to remember.

It makes things stress-free when travelling, and is nice to provide some information to family and friends while you’re overseas (especially if you are doing some solo travel, and your inner circle are as clingy as mine). I always recommend having a photocopy of your passport and print outs of important information (plane/bus/train tickets, hotel bookings, visa copies, etc), as well as everything on Dropbox. Having it all on one document also gives a good back-up in case you lose something, or need details when the internet is not accessible to you. It’s especially helpful when you’re stuck in a stressful situation, like you lose your passport and need a new one (worst case scenario), if you have this itinerary in hard copy and online, you can easily find all the contact details for the nearest embassy.

This is a template of the itinerary I use on all my travels, already with tour, flight, bus, and city destination information sections already added – and you can still add and edit to better suit your needs.


Just a preview of what the template looks like:


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