Vietnam: July 14 – 17, 2015

  • Mui Ne
  • Currency: Vietnamese Dong
  • 4 hour bus ride to Mui Ne – use The Sinh Tourist for cheap tickets around Vietnam
    • could hear a poor kid vomiting for half the trip
    • ladies a few rows in front of us lathering on Tiger Balm
  • When the hotel you stay at has a dirty pool, you try and sneak into a fancier hotel’s poor – but ultimately get kicked out…
  • Dinner at a local BBQ seafood restaurant by the sea
    • only $10 for 2 including $9 fresh BBQ prawns, watermelon juice, fried rice with seafood, and seafood spring rolls
  • Tanning non-stop, massages, and late lunches
  • Sand dunes tour:
    • 4:30AM pickup from hotel by a Jeep
    • White sand dunes during sunrise
    • Red sand dunes
    • First market village
  • If you miss Western food – head to Sandals at Mia Resort for a fancy dinner for a normal price (that you would pay back home)
    • $55 USD for:
      • Bruschetta
      • Crab and prawn risotto x2
      • Creme Brulee
      • Chocolate Torte
      • 2 drinks
  • Living the grandma life and home in bed by 9:30pm
  • Going to 2 different massage places in 1 day, and getting a 1 hour head massage and having dreadlocks by the end of it
  • language:
    xin chào: hello
    vệ sinh: toilet
    không: no

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