Vietnam: July 20 – 22, 2015

  • Ha Long Bay & Hanoi
  • Currency: Vietnamese Dong
  • Dinner at Purple Cherry (cute little rooftop restaurant in Hanoi)
  • Legend of Ha Long Bay: during a war with China, the Vietnamese people prayed for help and a dragon came and spit out a pearl which caused these islands to come up and break enemy ships.
  • In Vietnamese culture, there are 4 mythical creatures with different meanings:
    • Dragon – water dragon, no wings, can fly
    • Turtle – long life
    • Phoenix – elegance
    • Unicorn – looks more like a lion
  • Ha Long Bay
    • 4 hour bus ride from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay
    • Aphrodite Cruise – literally the only people who weren’t a couple
    • 5 course lunch
    • Me Cung Grotto
      • Bones were found in the grotto and it was discovered that the grotto used to be lived in by prehistoric people who are sea snails and use fire to cook (burn marks are still visible on the shells), had fresh water available to them, above sea level
    • Ti-top beach
    • Cooking demonstration of spring rolls
    • Happy hour 2 for 1 drinks
    • 5 course dinner
    • In bed by 9pm – grandma life
    • Fishing village
  • 3 hour drive back to Hanoi in a bus with a crazy driver who listened to trance…
  • Massage at La Belle = best massage of my life
  • Reunion with the old G Adventures group and saying our last farewells
  • language:
    xin chào: hello
    vệ sinh: toilet
    không: no

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