Japan: April 24-26, 2017

  • Osaka & Nara
  • Currency: Japanese Yen
  • Monday 24/4:
    • Arriving in the evening and wandering the streets trying to find our Airbnb, then trying to find food at 10:30pm with majority of streets closed
    • Eventually finding a fast food outlet – $14 AUD for 2 bowls of udon, fried fish, and 2 pieces of fried chicken
  • Tuesday 25/4:
    • Jermaine feeling unwell, so going exploring solo for a pharmacy, fruit shop, and supermarket
    • Getting to the supermarket and discovering they have big packets of 10 takoyaki for $3.50 AUD
    • Groceries are so cheap!
    • Napping after my big adventure
    • Going on another solo adventure to the river and to buy some more pre-packaged food, coffee, cigarettes
  • Wednesday 26/4:
    • Off to Nara at 10am, but getting delayed trying to find something to eat, and eventually just returning to the same fast food outlet as the first night on Temjin Street
    • Off to Osakatemmangu station to Nara – it was absolutely pouring down
    • Walking to Kagushrine and getting drenched
    • Being entertained by school girls on excursions screaming while getting ambushed by the Nara deer
    • Being too cheap to pay to go inside gardens
    • Walking to Todaiji – some incredible structures and sculptures
    • Accidentally stumbling across a rest building that is sponsored by a company that builds structures to withstand earthquakes through seismic isolation
    • Trying to convince Jermaine to walk from the park to the JR station in pouring weather (about 3km), using the “it’ll be an adventure” excuse
    • Off to JR Namba to go see Dotonbori
    • Spending time at H&M and walking past a girl speaking Japanese over a microphone outside a 4 storey shop call WeGo (top floor was completely vintage clothing where we spent way too much money)
    • Trying to find somewhere to eat after being sick of all the deep fried foods and accidentally walking into the clubbing district
    • Seeing all these beautiful Japanese women in super high heels and thinking “wow these girls must always dress this fancy and put this much effort in” until Jermaine makes a comment about walking into a dodgy area with “gangsters and hookers everywhere” – finally noticing that all these girls were circling the same intersections and approaching business men
    • Finally giving up on where to eat and walking into an American 1950s themed diner where you can smoke INSIDE
    • Seeing a massive building and wandering in – and realising you are in Don Quijote, where you can find literally anything from food, makeup, clothing, shoes, to cigarettes, toys, laundry detergent, suitcases, etc.
    • Off to the Nippombashi train station to make sure we don’t miss the last train back to Minamimorachi, to reach home by 11:40pm.
    • What a bloody day.

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