Japan: May 2, 2017

  • Mt Fuji & Oshino Hakkai
  • Currency: Japanese Yen
  • Making plans to meet at Starbucks in Shibuya at 8:00am, but only arriving at 8:15am/8:30am – we are very punctual people
  • Reserved a boxy Japanese Suzuki at Nippon Car Rental to get the full Japanese car experience – but instead got upgraded to a normal looking car, and almost wanted to ask for a downgrade to the original car we had ordered
  • Taking the “scenic route” (which took 5 hours to Fuji Shibasakura Festival because I forgot to turn off the “Avoid Tolls” setting on Google Maps
  • Seeing our first close-up of Mt Fuji and stopping at a Lawson’s for a bathroom/snack break, and Marie and I coming out to find both Jermaine and Randy being more girly than we are and taking selfies on the other side of the road with Mt Fuji
  • Shibasakura was full of Japanese and Chinese tourists – incredibly beautiful field of flowers with Mt Fuji in the background
    • 500 yen for parking of 1 car
    • 600 yen per adult, 250 yen per child
  • Hitting the food trucks as soon as we got into the festival because we were starving (we had been on the road from 9am to 2pm)
  • Then off to Oshino-Hakkai: a small, scenic village about an hours drive away
  • Arrived at Oshino-Hakkai just as everyone was packing up, and realising all the stores were closing early because of Golden Week
  • Getting super excited by our first glimpse of Cherry Blossoms in Japan
  • Being the last people to leave because we were too excited by dusk/cherry blossoms
  • The trip home was much quicker via the toll road (2 and a half hours) – the traffic got crazy close to Tokyo with fast speeds and crazy routes
  • Trying to get around by memory because the wifi ran out of battery half way home
  • Returned the car at 9pm, and off to a random Chinese restaurant in Shibuya for dinner
  • Trying to get to the top floor balcony to look at the view of Shibuya, but realising it wasn’t much of a view

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