Japan: May 7, 2017

  • Kyoto
  • Currency: Japanese Yen
  • Went to a park near Keage Station with a few temples and realising we only had 800 yen left in our wallets
  • Catching a bus to Gion and managing to find an automated money exchanger
  • Walked amongst Gion and saw about 3 Geishas (we thought they were at least) slip quietly from place to place
  • Ate dinner on Pontocho, along the river
  • Went to have a look at H&M and Zara and Jermaine ran into someone he knew from Melbourne working at the Zara store
  • Took the train back to Nishokyogoku and walked about 20 minutes in Kyoto suburbia to get home
  • Telling Jermaine he was in change of getting us home and I was going to follow his instructions, and if we got lost, we got lost
  • Jermaine slipping into the gutter and having the biggest overreaction thinking he was falling into the sewage drains



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